Your daily reminder

Manifest That Sh*t.

We are ALL about manifesting over here! Take this little daily reminder with you to keep those good vibes coming to you.


When it's just one of those days

In My Mom Era.

A classic dad hat never goes out of style. And let's be real... as a mom, we barely have time to wash our hair, so a baseball cap is just necessary.


For the hot mess girlies

The Hottest of Messes.

One day, I was being my usual hot-mess self, and my husband was like, "you are the hottest of messes."


The Pink Collection

Morning Routine

If you don't have a rose quartz roller, you need to up your skincare routine. Rolling away the puffiness from your face in the morning with an ice cold roller is HEAVENLY. I do this morning and night before applying my moisturizer.

Stay Hydrated

A Blondie shop favorite & best selling item. This cute pink tumbler holds 20 oz and will keep your water cold for hours, even if left in the car on a hot day. *Double-wall vacuum insulated*

Write it down

Doesn't the color pink make something instantly cuter? So yes, we will take one of these pens in pink, please. Pair it with your #girlboss notebook to complete the collection.